Noel Eskew
Love Just Fades Away
Love Just Fades Away
words and music by Noel Eskew

I haven?t seen you in months
It used to be every day
And now sometimes I wonder
Did love just fade away?

We had other things to do we said
We were so strong and brave
And so I left, now nothing?s left
Did love just fade away?

And is there really such a thing as love that?s true
I often wonder when I think of you
I guess as far as love?s concerned, I could believe that I?ve been burned
But through all of it, I guess I?ve learned
That nothing?s guaranteed, and nothing comes that easily
I think of you, it seems like yesterday
But did love just fade away

I haven?t seen you in months
It used to be every day
And a thousand times I?ve wondered
Did love just fade away?

Lyric Credits: Noel Eskew
Music Credits: Noel Eskew
Producer Credits: Noel Eskew, Spencer Starnes, Larry Seyer
Publisher Credits: Eskhar Music
Performance Credits: Noel Eskew, vocals--Austin A-Team, tracks
Short Song Description:
Sometimes people separate out of necessity. Then time passes and though they still love each other, they lose touch. Man, is that poignant.
Long Song Description:
Pretty much all my songs can be done male or female lead vocal and this is no exception.
Story Behind the Song:
I wrote this song about lost love not too long after we had gone our separate ways...just seemed like the thing to do at the time.
Years later, he died of aortic aneurism (the thing that killed John Ritter). But the day before or the day of his death,
Song Length: 3:47
Primary Genre: Country-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Lost Love
Mood 1: Poignant
Similar Artist 1: Celine Dion
Similar Artist 2: Garth Brooks
Language: English